In years’ past, I have shared my word for the year – the word that, through prayer, I feel God is helping me to focus on to help guide me throughout the year.  Previous year words have been:

  • 2015:  Growth – and it was definitely that.  After successfully overcoming Cancer myself, I saw my husband through his near death infection to near-full recovery.  And, I also found myself without a corporate job for the first time in over sixteen years.  Lots of Growth!
  • 2016:  Growth – through all of those trials, I still felt God wasn’t done with me yet when it came to growth.  I joined a new corporate organization and found myself going through significant transitions.  I was learning how to work again, and to let things go at home.
  • 2017:  Purpose – I truly was looking for God’s answer to His purpose for my life.  He helped me be cancer-free.  He saved Paul.  He gave us three amazing children here on Earth and two more in Heaven (after we were told we couldn’t have children of our own).  And, I know He has Great Plans for each one of us.  So, I prayed all year about His Purpose for my life.

Throughout 2017, I could see some of God’s Purposes for my life

  • Child of God
  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Family
  • Friend
  • Work / Leader

While I still don’t believe I am done with the word Purpose, I feel called that 2018 is to be the Year of Peace.

  • Peace at work – I am looking to find peace in my role and position in my job
  • Peace at home – I am looking to find peace in my role in our home and with our children.  I am also looking for peace in decisions for our children that are different than I would choose.  Paul is the head of our household and I trust his decisions are in their best interest.
  • Peace with this blog – I am trying so hard to keep up with this blog, but I feel like I am not being successful.  I know I have so much to share and God has a plan for this.  I am seeking His guidance so I can find peace in what I can do and release the disappointment in what I cannot.
  • Peace in decision-making – I feel this year will be full of decisions.  I am praying for God’s help in ensuring I seek Him first before making big (& small) decisions, and that I have His Peace throughout the journey.
  • Overall Peace!


Heavenly Father,

I come to You today in Thanksgiving!  Thank You for all You have done – seen and unseen – to bless our family.  Thank You for your years of growth & purpose.  and, thank You for this year of Peace.

Lord, I am not sure what this year holds, but I do know You already do.   You know what I will face this year.  You know what trials will come.  And, if I see You, I know You will provide me Your “peace beyond understanding.”

I love You, and I praise You!  In Your holy name I pray,


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