Hello! My Name is Jennifer Muszik

I am a blogger, business consultant and executive coach

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While I spent over twenty-five years in the life sciences industry, my personal passion involves deepening my relationship with Christ and sharing that journey with others.

1 Family

I am blessed to be married to my best friend, and we are parents to three amazing children

2 Faith

I am a Christian. While I accepted Christ as a child and recommitted my life to Christ in 2000, I spent the following six years between walking on and jumping off of the path.

3 Infertility

This is where my faith truly started to both grow and deepen. At the end of 2006, after two years of trying to get pregnant (both on our own and with the help of specialists), I was left with few options. The doctors told us it would be nearly impossible to get pregnant on our own. With those odds, I gave up all control and gave it to God. If we were going to be parents, He would need to intervene.

4 Relationship

During the months of deep prayer and devotion, I began to understand that God wants a relationship with each one of us – so much so that He sent His Only Son to die on the cross so that we would have the ability to go to Heaven. Our only price – full belief.

5 Children

While we have been blessed with three amazing children on Earth, we still pray for our two babies in Heaven. We lost two pregnancies – the first one between the boys, and the second one after our daughter.

6 Blog

It was after the second lost pregnancy when I started the blog. I used the blog to capture my journey back in time to see how God had shown up in my life. I felt that if I was able to see how He showed up in the past, I would be more able to recognize Him showing up in the present and future.

7 Book

Back in 2009, I told my husband I thought I would one day write a book. Considering my experience in leadership and healthcare, I thought it would likely be on one of those topics. Little did I know that God was planting that seed for a much greater purpose…