I am so very thankful for Butler University – for my education, the faculty, my friends and so much more!

First, I received a great education at Butler.  I started in as a pharmacy major; however, the first two years were focused on providing a well-rounded liberal arts education.  And, I have relied on many of those learnings throughout my career.  I have said this many times –

My Butler education not only helped me get my first job, it provided the foundation for me to be successful throughout my career!  

And, as of this week – that has been a 16 year career at Pfizer where I am in my 7th different position.  I would not be here without my Butler education.

With that said, I do dedicate time and money to Butler to give back just a little of what I gained.  I have the honor & privilege to sit on two different boards – the Alumni Association Board & the Strategic Marketing Board.  Through these boards, I have gotten to meet so many amazing Butler alumni, faculty & staff!  I also participate in the Butler Business Scholars weekends where I have the honor to speak with the parents of prospective students to share my Butler experience.  And, I then get to meet with some of the prospective students.  It is truly something I look forward to each year, and am disappointed when work responsibilities take me away from Indianapolis.  I will move almost anything on my calendar to attend these.  And, now living in the Indianapolis area – it is much easier to attend :).

I am truly so very thankful for Butler University!

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