I would like to share a series of events:

  • Thursday:
    • Flew to SF
    • Left wallet in seat back on plane
    • Amazing woman from Delta retrieved my wallet (Praise God)
    • Happily get on bus with wallet
    • Realize that it has taken me to wrong hotel (when I arrived at wrong hotel)
    • Uber to correct hotel (2nd Uber as 1st one tells me he doesn’t want to pick me up because I’m too far away from airport – @ 10 minutes away)
    • 2nd Uber driver gets me to my hotel & is a truly kind soul
    • Discover somewhere along this journey, the handle to the luggage I just purchased is broken
    • Arrive at hotel at ~12am PST (which is 3am my time) and have a conference call at 5am PST.
    • Spend 2 days in SF and 2 days in Napa (amazing experience)
  • Sunday
    • Arrive to SFO early and pay $200 to get on earlier flight
    • Early flight is delayed. Original flight takes off before earlier flight (that was paid for)
    • New flight doesn’t take off until 4:20pm (was to take off at 12:15. Original flight left at 1:55).
    • Having some time, walk into packed airport bar / restaurant. All seats look full on first pass. As I come back around, 1 seat opens.

And, here is where I can fully see God’s presence. I sit next to this amazing woman and we are able to share great fellowship. We connected so purely, that we shared some very personal experiences that are difficult to share with closest friends. But this conversation was easy. It was light and full of love. No judgments. Just love.

We spent close to an hour chatting and then she realized – her flight was taking off. So, she gathered her things, we said our good-byes, and she proceeded to her gate. That said, she had a feeling she may have missed it. So, I saved her seat and motioned to the bartender to save her salad & drink for a few moments.

I am so glad I did because, a few moments later, she walked back in. She missed her flight by a few minutes and was going to need to take the later flight.

And, as much as I was excited to see her come back, she was also happy to come back. Now, while she may have rather been on the plane, she wasn’t disappointed that she missed the flight.

So, we were able to spend another 20+ minutes in fellowship. Sharing with each other, learning about each other, and thanking God for the opportunity to have our paths cross (& nudging us to connect).

I am so very filled with Love & Thankfulness that God gave us that time. We both could have had very negative attitudes about our “situations” however we both were able to take it in stride because we saw God’s Hand in this connection.

You may be asking why I shared this story. 

I share it because – we all have difficult days or unexpected circumstances. However, you never know what God has planned for you that day. So, you have a choice about how you respond.

I could have been grumpy and cold. I could have been curt or dismissive. But, I try to always trust that God has a plan. And, while I don’t always see what that plan is, this time it was fully apparent.


Heavenly Father,

I am so thankful for Your Love!  You help me to keep a positive perspective regardless of the situation. You help me stay centered and focused on You & Your Plan. 

Thank You for the opportunity to connect with M. That was truly a Divine Plan. And, whether we were meant to meet for the moment or connect for longer, please know we both saw Your Hand in our connecting. 

Please help me to continue to draw closer to You, to fulfill the plan You have for me, and to draw others to Your Kingdom. 

In Jesus’ Name!


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