So, we left dinner feeling very full – both from food and from our reconnection.  And, there was additional excitement in the air with the thought that we might try to have another baby.

Could we do it?  What would it be like to have three?  What would we do with the rooms?  Would we have the boys bunk up? 

So many decisions to be made – and the most important one hadn’t been decided on – yet.

While I knew I would say “yes”, I needed a little time to wrap my arms and brain around the idea of three.  When we were going through premarital classes, the priest asked how many children we wanted.  I said 1 or 2 and he said 4!!!  He would have 6, if we could.  We agreed to 3 that day.  And, here we were, almost 9 years later, discussing another child that would bring us to that 3.

One point I forgot to mention was that, in January, we had started P90x.  We needed to, well, I needed to because I had not lost the baby weight.  And, when I say baby weight, I mean the pancakes, donuts, ice cream, tootsie rolls, etc., that I ate while I was pregnant.

We had completed about 8 weeks of P90x when we went out to dinner that night. It was about 3 weeks later that we both fully agreed to try to add to our family.  And, we finished out the rest of the 13 week program.

Why is P90x important?  Well, after we finished our first full 90 days of the program, we were planning to take 2 weeks off and start again – which was going to be April 25th.  The reason why I remember that date is that April 24th was Easter that year.

We went up to visit family for Easter weekend.  This was our last “free” weekend before we started the workouts again.  And, with the workouts comes the diet – which does not include cake, and Reese’s peanut butter cup eggs – yum!

When we got home Sunday night, I decided to take a test.  While it was nearly impossible for it to be positive – I mean, come on, we were only trying for about 1 month.  That doesn’t happen to us.  Or, does it?

Again, I didn’t tell my husband I was going to take the test.  Why get his hopes up only to bring them back down again.  I’d save him from that roller coaster.  Especially because it was Easter Sunday.  So, I went upstairs, took the test, and got to unpacking the suitcase.  As I walked into the laundry room, I glanced over at the test.


What??  Where’s the Not?  How can this be?  Did we even try at the right time?  Is this real?  Should I take another one?  Why didn’t I tell him?  Why isn’t he up here?  How do I tell him?

After composing myself, I walked downstairs and asked him – “Would it be okay if I didn’t do the next round of P90x with you?  I know I said I would, but I’m not sure I want to do it again.”

Knowing my husband, he needs an accountability partner for diet and exercise – this is not something that he wants to do, but it is something he knows he needs to do.  So, his response was something like… “I really want to do P90x.  Is there something else you want to do?  What can we do together?  Can we do a mix?”

And then I handed him the test. 

His eyes filled up with tears as he jumped over the couch to give me a hug.  We were pregnant.  We didn’t have to struggle this time.  This time, we understood how much of the rest of the world gets pregnant.

What made it even more perfect was that it was Easter Sunday!  And, that meant that our baby would also be due near Christmas.  Talk about timing!  Perfect!

We spent the next hour or so calling our family to let them in on the news.  We reminded them how perfect this news was – finding out on Easter and being due near Christmas.  This was all God’s doing.  We asked them to pray that we would be able to keep this little one in my belly to grow and develop and hold in our arms in December.  Given our history, this wasn’t a given.

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