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Well, I thought I would add this because I could truly use some prayer support myself. I found out yesterday that I will be losing my job. We were going through a corporate realignment and my position was eliminated. I have a few options:

  • I can look for other positions within the organization.
  • I can take severance (which is truly a very good deal) and seek employment elsewhere.

I have been at the same organization for 16.5 years and it has been a truly great experience!  In that time, I have had 8 different positions and moved up the corporate ladder fairly quickly.

I am just praying for God to help me make the right decision. Your additional prayer support for that is greatly appreciated.

Please know I am truly at peace and hold no ill feelings toward my organization. I have done good work and they have paid me well – it was a great partnership. 

I am wondering if this is another God moment. Is He telling me it’s time to move on?  I will share this – with everything going on with Paul, I truly feel at peace in this current situation. Surprisingly, this has had very little effect on my spirit. Watching Paul progress helps me keep everything in perspective. Praising God for that!

Thank you all for your prayers. I will keep you updated on this journey, too!

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