Jordan & Taylor – I hope you both know how much I love you and how thankful I am for you!

It is hard to believe that I was Taylor’s age when Jordan was born, and Jordan’s age when Taylor was born.  That seems like so long ago.

I loved watching you grow from babies to toddlers to little people.  You were both wonderful in our wedding – our little ring bearer & flower girl.  You both accepted Paul in right away as your uncle – and had fun beating up Uncle Paul (& maybe receiving the occasional wedgie – so sorry about that).

It has been so much fun watching you both grow up.  I am thankful for the times we have had together – during visits, holidays, vacations.  I only wish we would have lived closer so we could have spent more time together.

Jordan – you have grown into a truly amazing man.  It is hard to believe you are already in college!  Where did that time go???  I thank you that you take the time to play with the kids!  I hope you see how much the kids look up to you – especially Paulie!  You are a great cousin, and a wonderful nephew!

Taylor – you have grown into a truly amazing woman.  It is hard to believe you will be in college next year!  Seriously?!?!?! I thank you for the time you have spent with the kids!  You have been a great cousin, babysitter & swim instructor (by the way – Noah & Paulie are both looking forward to swim lessons next Summer :).  You have also been a wonderful niece!

Jordan – I hope you know that you are always welcome at our house.  College is only 1 hour away.  If you ever need a weekend away or some family time, please come on over.  Bring your friends or just yourself.

Taylor – If you decide to go to college here in Indiana, please know you are also always welcome!  Our home is always open to you, too!

I hope you both know how much we all love you, and how grateful we are that God brought you into our lives!

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