Kim – I hope you know that I am very thankful that you are my sister!

I can list many reasons why I am thankful for you. Being the second born, you helped Mom & Dad to realize each child needs something different.  So, when I came along, it was easier for them (and for me).  You also made it easier because you treated me like your “baby” when we were younger. You always looked out for me.  Your love & support (and late night phone calls) continued through college & beyond.  And, your friendship as we have gotten older.

While all of those are amazing things, one special thing I have learned from you is your selfless generosity.  The moment you hear anyone is in need, you are willing to drop everything to help that person – regardless of the personal cost.

You give your time, you spend your money, you cook/bake the best food/cookies (yummy!), you open your home, you sacrifice yourself (and your sleep) – to help those in need.

So many people in this world are focused on “What’s in it for Me?”.  Why should they give of their time, money, gifts to help others?  What do they get from it?  And, what else would they have to sacrifice?  Not you!  You focus on what you can do to help others – regardless of the cost and recognition.

Kim – I hope you know I love you and am truly thankful that you are my sister!

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