Tammy – I hope you know how blessed I am to have you as my sister!

I can list many reasons why it was so wonderful having you as my oldest sister.  You were a great student.  You were very involved in other activities and found a way to balance it all.  You were the first in our family to go to college.  You had an internship that turned into a full-time position before you even graduated.  You were the first to get married, the first to have a child (and then another).

Many younger siblings can say that about the oldest sibling in their family – the oldest one did everything first.

Here is my favorite first – your relationship with Christ & sharing that with me.

You started on this journey first.  You showed me the true relationship Christ wants with each of us, individually.  You showed me what it meant to love Christ with all of your heart and to put Him first, always.  You helped me onto the path, you helped me realize when I have fallen of the path and when I jumped off the path, and you helped me get right back on again.

My faith is my North Star.  It is what guides me and what keeps me grounded, focused, humble, & grateful.  And, most importantly, my relationship with Christ helps me to prayerfully make better decisions – at home, with friends, with volunteer opportunities, at work, etc.  I am a better daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend & colleague.

Tammy – I am so very thankful you helped me to see how AMAZING a true relationship with Christ is!  I love you and I am so very grateful for you!

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