Good morning!  And, it is a very good morning!  Praising God for seeing us through yesterday’s surgery and for a somewhat good night’s sleep.  Here is the update:

Surgery went well.  The doctor spoke with my husband and dad after the surgery and feels very confident they got it all – Praying boldly for that!  If that is the case, that means no chemotherapy / radiation.  If not, we will discuss next steps.

After surgery, I was definitely sleepy & in some pain.  The nurses were able to get my pain medicines in sync, so that has helped.  And, between the vital checks, blood draws, etc., I was able to catch up on some sleep.

We talked with the doctors this morning (fellow & residents), and they confirmed I will be able to go home today.  The doctor will call in 7-10 days with the pathology results and next steps.  Then, I will see her in ~2 weeks for post-op visit.

And, the nurse just came in and said I can go home in the next hour or so (by 10am) – Yeah!  That is wonderful news!

I cannot tell you how much the calls, texts, e-mails, Facebook posts, etc. means to me. Thank you to my friends & family who have also sent out prayer requests to their prayer circles.   I am truly overwhelmed by the love, support and prayers from everyone!  Sincerely – thank you!

There are two things I want to share in closing.

  1. The first is a verse from Romans – I love it as it speaks of faith, hope and patience.

Romans 8:25 (GNB):  But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.

  1. The second is a song that I have relied on the past few weeks.

While there are many Christian songs that have helped, this is the one that I have set on repeat – Matthew West Strong Enough.  I know that I cannot do any of this without Christ – Philippians 4:13.  (I love the words – not so sure the video content fits :))

Matthew West, Strong Enough YouTube Video:


Heavenly Father,

I thank You for being with the doctor & staff yesterday during my surgery.  I thank You for helping her to see what she needed to see, cut where she needed to cut and leave what was meant to be left.  I thank You for being with me through this process, keeping my focus on You and for providing me strength. 

I pray for strength these next 7-10 days while waiting for the pathology report.  I pray for a clean report – with no additional cancer.  I pray that the future tests are also clear and cancer-free.  And, if that is not the case, I fully accept the next steps and know that You are with me. 

Thank You for Your Strength!  Thank You for Your Love! 


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