Sarah – I hope you know how much we love you and how thankful we are for you!

You are such a blessing!  When your Dad & I wanted to add to our family, we prayed God would bless us with another baby.  What is amazing about you is that, God didn’t make us wait this time – not at all. The very next month, we found out about you.

When you were still in Mommy’s belly, we thought you were going to be a boy, but your biggest brother, Paulie, knew you were going to be a girl.  And, he was right!  God knew exactly what our family needed.

When you came into this world, your little lungs weren’t ready to breathe on their own.  You also didn’t want to wait, and you joined us 19 days before you were due.  So, just like your brother, Noah, you needed to go into a special room for the doctors & nurses to watch you all the time.  And, you didn’t like light, noise or anyone touching you.  We were worried what would happen when you came home because your two brothers were anything but quiet!

We were so happy to bring you home 9 days after you were born – that meant you were home with us for Christmas – a True Christmas Miracle!  Not only that, you had learned how to handle light, noise & touch – Praise God!

We have loved watching you grow for the almost 3 years we have had you in our family.  And, I completely see why God gave us you!  You have helped me to be more patient.  You have helped me to enjoy all of the moments with the family – big or small.  You have helped me be a better mom to all three of you kids.  Thank you!

Please always remember, God loves you!  He made you special for our family – and He chose you as the perfect baby girl for us!  He has very special plans for you, and I look forward to seeing those plans come to life!

Sarah – we love you very much!  We are so very proud of the child you are!  We are truly blessed to be your parents, and we are very thankful that God gave you to us!

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