UPDATE:  We have been patiently (or not so patiently) awaiting the results from Paul​’s lab draw on Monday and praying for more positive improvements in his labs.

Praising God for the results we just received!!!

  • Creatinine – down to 2.19 from 2.4 last week!  Hallelujah!  The normal range is 0.8-1.5, so he still has a little way to go.  That said, this is significant improvement from the 12 & 13 we were seeing at the hospital!!!
  • BUN – This is also moving in the right direction.  It was 33 this week, down from 36 the last two weeks.  Normal again is 8-26.  We are definitely getting there!
  • GFR – His GFR is 36, up from 33 last week.  The goal here would be above 60, but he was in the single digits in the hospital.
  • Diet numbers – all still in the normal range.  And when I say that Paul has been stretching the limits of the renal diet, that is definitely an understatement.  Praise God!!!
  • Physical Strength – while I give Paul a little grief for his diet, he is really doing a great job.  He is in Physical Therapy twice each week and is walking other days.  He even made it to basketball on Monday night!  While his jumper isn’t what it used to be, he will get that back.  And, he is working on his golf swing to be in shape for the Berger Open.  Watch out boys!
  • Weight – I am not sure where he is looking to land on his weight.  He was 255 in January when he started a diet challenge with his friends.  He was around 235 when he went into the hospital.  Today, he is 202 – a much healthier 202. Amen!!!

Me – I thought I would just add this in here, because it seems to fit.  I have been praying about my next steps – what God’s plan is for my journey.  What I continue to receive is that I am suppose to write this story – God’s story.

So, I decided to write a book.  

I am not sure what God has planned for that book – maybe it’s just for us or maybe it’s meant for more.  I’m not going to worry about any of that right now.  Right now, I just want to focus on writing this story.  It is truly hard to believe it hasn’t even been 9 weeks!

Please know how much we truly love you all and are so very grateful for each & every one of you!   Your prayers, love & support helped us to stay strong throughout this journey.


Heavenly Father,

We praise Your Glorious Name for ALL the miracles You provided in the healing of Paul.  You made sure all the right decisions were made so that we could prove You are the ultimate healer!  Paul is living proof that You continue to provide miracles on Earth!  

Please know how much we love You, we thank You, we praise You!  

In Jesus’ Holy Name,


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