Here are the Facebook Posts that documented the first two days:

February 19th – 10:48pm  Jennifer Muszik He is vented & sedated. His kidneys aren’t working and his body is in shock. Please keep praying! We need it!

February 20th – 5:38am  Jennifer Muszik Paul is in multi-organ failure. Trying to keep him stable for the antibiotics to work so that his systems can turn back on. Please continue to pray!

February 20th – 10:49am  Jennifer Muszik Thank you everyone! Please keep them coming. He is running 104.4 fever and they know they need to start dialysis sometime soon. Radiology coming up to place port. Keeping him sedated. He looks more comfortable than before.

February 20th – 11:11am  Jennifer Muszik We are at St Vincent on 86th. Right now, we have lots of family in town both here & with the kids. Thanks so much for all your prayers. God’s got this-but the extra encouragement is truly appreciated!

February 20th – 7:10pm  Jennifer Muszik UPDATE: He has gotten better throughout the day. His temp is down and his blood pressure is better (with lots of medicine help). His kidneys are still not working – may start dialysis tomorrow. Port is already placed for that.  They are also worried about his lungs as the next organ to fail.  Please keep praying. While he has improved some, his still has a long road to recovery. And, we are only focused on recovery.

February 20th – 9:40pm  Jennifer Muszik UPDATE: Paul’s lungs have started to become impaired. Looks like the starting of Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome. This was somewhat expected.  They also believe it is time to start dialysis. They will start that tonight.

  • Please pray that he handles the transition to the dialysis.
  • Please pray that his pressure stabilizes and they can pull off some of this fluid.
  • Please pray that the lung damage that we see is as minimal as possible.
  • And please pray for his liver. They are seeing signs of failure there which might challenge their ability to keep Paul sedated and calm. Please pray he can stay sedated and calm.

February 20th – 10:47pm  Jennifer Muszik Starting dialysis

February 20th – 11:02pm  Jennifer Muszik Transition to dialysis went well. He will be on a slow, continuous dialysis. Oxygen levels are low – too low. So, they did all they can with the vent and will be starting protocol for Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Will send note when I learn more.

February 20th – 11:13pm  Jennifer Muszik Please keep praying. They are working

February 20th – 11:45pm  Jennifer Muszik Chest X-ray was better than expected. Still not great but better than they thought.  Still not getting great oxygen. Upped vent and waiting 1 hour.

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