Today has been a day full of progression.

  • BP:  Paul is down to 4mcg/minute of one presser & his blood pressure is stable.  They will hope to stop that tonight.  The goal was to get these down today, and we might be off of all BP helpAMEN!  BP is pretty stable at 100/70 and pulse is down to 82.
  • Kidney:  creatinine was down to 5.01 this morning from 7.5 at it’s high.  Labs are only pulled once per day, so we will need to wait until tomorrow to see what that looks like.  Good news is that once the BP meds are off, they can start pulling off extra fluid via dialysis.  The doctor said he has about 20L of extra fluid now, and they will only pull 1-2L per day.  So, this will take some time – and they cannot start until we are sure his body can handle it.
  • Lungs:  The have kept him at 50% and the PEEP was down to 8 (from 14).  He was tolerating that well and was maintaining at 97 – AMEN!  The goal is to get the PEEP down to 5 and then start dropping the oxygen help to 30%.
  • Skin:  The rash on his back is improving which is a true answer to specific prayers.  He had other spots of rash around his body, so those are starting to peel / slough like his back.  They are watching those and taking care of them when they do.

Paul:  He is resting comfortably, and he sometimes makes extra movements to let us know he is in there.  He moves eyebrows and squeezes his eyes shut.  He hasn’t opened his eyes since Friday, but I know he is still in there.  He has moved his toes & thumb (for those of you who knew Grandpa Muszik – he definitely gave us the thumb 🙂).  And, when they were moving him the last time, it seemed like he was trying to use his legs to help.

Kids:  The kids have been doing well while we had a houseful to keep them busy.  This next week will be a true test.  While they are used to me traveling for work, their dad is always with them.  So, knowing that Paul is here, I am worried about them.  Please pray for God to protect their minds & hearts.

Home:  Thank you to everyone for your prayers, support and offers to help.  We are starting to get the house needs figured out.  We will get something out soon, and truly appreciate the offers / willingness to help.

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