UPDATE:  I had to send one additional update tonight. Two things:

First:  the nurse came rushing down to the waiting room before the end of shift change to tell us the new room rules because – Paul is waking up!!!  

While we still have a long road, this is great news!  He opened his eyes and was moving around.  That said, he still has lots of healing to do. He needs to rest to let the meds work and help his body get stronger. So, while I cannot wait to look into his handsome eyes, I need to be patient and let him heal.

That brings me to update #2.

I passed the intern who was with me the first night we were here. He stopped and said – “your husband – he is a miracle!”  AMEN!  I thanked him for all they did for Paul. And he said – “God needs thanks for that!”  I agreed and said “Yes!  And, you all made sure the medicine was on board so God could do the work.”


While I know we still have a long road with ups and downs – progress & setbacks – God continues to provide very clear signs that He is here and He is providing!  Hallelujah & AMEN!

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