UPDATE:  Paul has had a great afternoon!

  • Kidneys – They were able to continue to pull an extra 50mL/hr all day – Hallelujah!  We are hoping that, if Paul can handle it, they will be able to up that tomorrow to 100mL/hr.  He still isn’t producing much urine – please pray that he starts peeing soon!
    • This is kind of funny as my sister is working on potty training Sarah this week.  We are praying for pee from both Daddy & Sarah!
  • Lungs – Paul still fights the vent when he wakes up.  He bites down a bit and coughs a lot.  Today, they changed his meds so he was calmer most of the day – which was a true answer to prayers!  They were able to drop his oxygen needs – his PEEP is up a bit to 8.  Praying for a good night so they may be able to work on that, too.
  • Rash – his rash is really getting better!  Praise God for answering that specific prayer!

Paul – I remember when Sarah was in the NICU, she was on “low stimulation.”  That meant – low lights, low voices, minimal / no touch.  While her lungs were healing, we needed to give her time to heal.  With Paul, he has been so sedated that hasn’t been an issue.  Now that he is waking up more, we need to transition to “low stimulation”.  I sat in his room most of the day and just watched him.  He is so amazingly handsome!  I just love that man so very much.

They are in the middle of shift change, so I will head back in soon.  I will see if there are any specific prayers for tonight and add them all to the final report.

More to come soon…

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