UPDATE:  Paul had a really great afternoon.  I saw him for a short time after shift change and then came home to sleep.  The reason – I am truly disappointed in myself.

The purpose of this blog and writing about this journey is to lift Paul up in prayer to God, to engage all of you amazing prayer warriors in praying for specific goals, and glorifying God for all of the miracles He is providing.

You have all been AMAZING and God is Moving Mountains!!

That said, I failed.  I failed because in my tired, stressed, overwhelmed state of mind, I used this blog to vent.  To vent about a situation where I only knew my 50%.  And, while I am certain this is not the only time I have failed in this way, I want to apologize to all of you – as that is not the purpose of this blog – AT ALL!

I have updated my previous post to remove any specific comments.  Paul truly has been receiving exceptional care.  Minor setbacks are expected.  However, he has been moving in a positive direction and I know that everyone is on the same team – getting Paul healthy.

One additional request – please know I am not asking for and am not looking for any support for my actions.  I can make every excuse in the world as to why I did it; however, none of those excuses make it right. 

I ask for your forgiveness for my failure.  I promise to use this blog in a positive way, to share Paul’s story and to glorify God for His Amazing Miracles.

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