UPDATE:  Paul had a really good night!  Praise God for bringing us Keysha (I spelled her name wrong yesterday, but I know God knows who she is – He sent us an angel!)

  • Kidneys:  Paul has made more urine.  His creatinine is down to 4.33.  They said the decrease will now potentially go slower.  The dialysis is pulling 50mL/hr and we will look to increase that to 100mL/hr today.  That will help pull off the additional fluid.
  • Lungs:  He is at 55% oxygen / 5 PEEP.  With that, his oxygen saturation is steady around 92-93.  They are pulling a blood gas to ensure his organs are getting the oxygen (which they should be, but I am glad they are checking).  Goal here would be to get down to 30% / 5 – but that might not be today.  He cannot get off of the vent until we get to those numbers.  He will also get a chest x-ray today just to ensure his lungs are still looking good.  Praying for that!
  • Platelets:  His platelets have gone up to 33.  While they are still low, they have stopped the downward trend!  Praise God for that specific answer to prayers!
  • White Count:  His white count is a little elevated which can be signs of his body fighting an infection.  The doctor believes it is more likely due to the steroids as he is on three major antibiotics.
  • Abscess:  They are also not worrying about the abscess yet.  The challenge is that they would like to do a CT with contrast, but his kidneys cannot handle that right now.  Since he is on those antibiotics, they are okay to wait until they can get him down for a CT.

Goals for today:

  • Kidneys – making urine & they can pull 100mL/hr from dialysis
  • Lungs – X-ray shows good lungs, Vent can be brought down
  • Platelets – continue to rise

Thank you all for your prayers!  He is getting better and you are all helping him and us through the process!  Truly, thank you!  And – Praise God for all this progress!!! 

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