UPDATE:  Paul is back resting comfortably.  They were able to come up with a good mix of medicines that have seemed to help him rest and not get so agitated – Praise God!

  • Kidneys: Dialysis is working and pulling an extra 50mL/hr.  Still hoping to pull more tomorrow to get some of this extra fluid off.  Decided not to give the diuretic as he hasn’t peed much more since yesterday.
  • Lungs:  His breathing has improved.  He is down to 40 Oxygen / 5 PEEP with saturations around 97-98.  Once they get him down to 30 Oxygen / 5 PEEP, they can start to consider pulling the vent.  That will likely not be tomorrow, but maybe on Friday.  Praying for that.

Paul:  We are still needing to keep low stimulation in the room.  I was in there much of the day just staring at him.  Praising God for the miracle to still have Paul here with us!  I know we will have a long road to recovery, but at least we are talking about recovery – AMEN!!

I am not sure we will learn much more, so there may not be an evening report tonight.  Here are my prayers for tonight:

  • I pray Paul rests comfortably and continues to heal
  • I pray we are able to turn the vent down and set a timeline for removal
  • I pray we are able to up the dialysis pull to 100mL/hr and are able to get more of this fluid off

Thank you so very much for your prayer support!  More to come tomorrow. 

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