UPDATE:  I guess I didn’t prepare myself for what Paul waking up meant. Paul wakes up like an angry fighter.

Please pray for they are able to find the right medicine mix to help him rest and heal. He can’t get better when he keeps fighting

  • Kidneys – Creatinine down to 4.22 (from 4.33). No pee last night. Praying for pee today and the ability to up the dialysis to pull 100.
  • Lungs – he is fighting the vent. They needed to move him up to 50 oxygen / 8 PEEP.  He bites down on the vent which is also concerning because we don’t want him to break the tube. And, he is grinding on it. Praying the meds will help him relax and allow him to heal.
  • Platelets doubled!!  From 33 to 66 – HALLELUJAH!!!

New challenge:  White count is elevated. They will do a culture to see if something else is growing. With all of the antibiotics, that doesn’t seem possible, but I am glad they are checking.

Prayers for today:

  • Kidneys – pull more fluid & start peeing
  • Lungs – stop fighting vent so they can reduce his need of it
  • Resting medicine – find the right mix to help him stay calm.
  • White count – the reason for this elevation will be identified and solved quickly.

Thank you for praying!  Afternoon update later today.

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