Well, today was an interesting day. They are trying to reduce Paul’s sedation to determine when they can try to get him off the vent. The challenge is, when he wakes up – he thrashes. He is a very strong man and he uses all of his might. It is scary to watch!

  • Kidneys – he did make a little pee – Praise God!  They are starting to pull 100 mL/hr.
    • Please keep praying for healing his kidneys!
  • Lungs – because of the mix of meds, he has gone up and down on the vent all day.  They tell me this is common – just hard to see. Based on this, it doesn’t look like he will get the vent out tomorrow.
    • Just praying for someday soon. And, when they do it, that his lungs will handle it on their own

Thank you all for your prayers!  They really are working. And, thank you for the fun pictures today!  They really did make me smile 😘❤️🙏.

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