Paul’s afternoon carried into the evening. After shift change, he was thrashing again. He needed multiple people to hold him down. When that happens, it’s starts a cycle:

  • bolus of pain / sleep meds
  • those meds drop BP
  • lower BP makes it hard to pull more fluid through dialysis
  • fluid on lungs makes it difficult to remove vent
  • vent is main reason for his agitation. 

I cannot imagine what he is going through. I have seen his eyes open. While they are still his amazing eyes, they are glassy and he looks very far away. They tell us he is in a sort of “groundhog’s day”. Due to all the sedation, he does not remember anything. Each time he wakes up, it’s like it’s the first time.

Tonight’s prayer requests:

  • pray for a good night sleep for everyone. 
  • pray for the right mix of medicines to keep him calm, help him heal, and help him get off of the vent
  • pray for his kidneys. 

I will get the labs and send in morning report.

Thank you for your prayers!  God is performing miracles each day in Paul!  And, we just know He will bring Paul fully back to us – in His time.

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