Paul had a pretty good day overall.

  • Meds – they were able to get a good mix of meds today. He stirs some, but when we are in there, we can tell him “that tube is a vent. It’s helping you breathe. Just a little longer. It will be out soon.”  And, since he is on versed, he does not remember it when he stirs again a few minutes later.
    • Which, I am fine with because he opens those amazing eyes!  I get to see my Paul in there and he is coming back to us!!  Praising God for His amazing miracles! 
  • Lungs – he is on the lowest support – 30 Oxygen / 5 PEEP!!  We will see what they think over the weekend. Not putting any dates anymore. Just praying for God’s Perfect Timing on this.
  • Kidneys – he made a little pee. We are thankful for that. Please keep praying for those kidneys. 

Thank you to everyone near & far. Please know we feel your love, support & prayers. Many blessings to you all! 😘❤️🙏

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