Paul is a feisty man!  He decided he no longer needed his OG tube (the tube pulling the acid out of his stomach). Thank God it wasn’t the vent!

  • Kidneys-his creatinine is down to 4.16!  They were able to pull 100mL/hr all night!  Keep praying for those kidneys!
  • Lungs – he is still on 40 oxygen / 8 PEEP. They didn’t try to move it last night. The good news is he has a 100% saturation rate!
  • Meds – we are praying they can find the right balance of meds to keep him calm and awake (semi-awake). This will help them to ensure he is ready to get that vent out. Please pray for that!

My additional prayer is for his spirit. While we have been seeing his improvement and Praising God for the miracles He is providing, Paul doesn’t see that. When he wakes up, we cannot know what he will think about all of this – how he will feel.

Please pray that he will see all of God’s miracles through this journey. While it will not be easy or fast, God is moving the mountain one stone at a time. Praying for peace & patience for Paul. 

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