UPDATE:  I couldn’t wait until evening.

Paul is back!  I mean really back!  

He is still letting the meds wear off, but he is with us!

I can send reports on numbers tomorrow. For tonight, we are Praising God!

As you can imagine, today was a big day for Paul. He woke up and had lots of people with him.  He also knows he has been under for 10 days. That has rocked him quite a bit – as you could only imagine.

He did quickly talk to the kids. He was sad, but said hi and he loves them!  Hallelujah!!  God is Amazing!!! 

He also has his sense of humor on full charge 😜. He is cracking jokes (which also helps him not break down).

I will post more when I know. Until then –

Thank You!  You have all helped us through this journey. Whether near or far, your prayers, posts, messages, support means more than we can ever describe.

We love you all!


To God goes the Glory!  Amen! 🙏

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