Sorry for the delay in sending this.  We have had a great deal going on the last 2 weeks, lots of family and friends around. Lots to do with my new adventure.  Lots to finish with the book.  Regardless, I am truly sorry for not keeping this community up to date on Paul’s progress.

We received the lab results back on 6/25.  And…they are stable.  I know I keep putting my hopes of his kidneys being completely healed into those labs.  So, when they come back and are not perfect, I can get deflated.

There should be NO deflated here.  NO sadness.  NO disappointment.

God has already moved mountains & parted seas in the healing of Paul.  He saved him from what most thought was certain death.  I sometimes joke with friends and say:

“God sneezed and Paul lived. That was how easy it was for Him.  Saving Paul was 

An Everyday Miracle” that God provided.”


That is the working title for the book – An Everyday Miracle.  And, Paul is living proof of the everyday miracles that God continues to provide for all of us to see that He is a Loving-God, a Living-God, an All-Powerful-God.

So, Paul’s labs aren’t perfect.  That’s okay, because Paul being here with us is perfect!  And, while I will still hope and pray for his kidneys to completely heal, where he is right now is perfect.

And – thank you to all of you for your love, support, and prayers!  You are all a part of this healing.  I hope you have taken this miracle with you.  You witnessed it.  You saw it with your own eyes.  And, if God can do that, just imagine what He can do in your life…if you let Him.


Heavenly Father,

I am forever grateful for all the blessing You have provided in our lives.  While I can see so many, I also know that I miss so many.  So many things I take for granted that You have had a hand in making happen for our family, friends, and for me personally.

Father, I thank You for all the healing You have provided for Paul.  While I still pray for complete healing, I ask that You help me to be fully thankful for all You have done, and not put my wants / wishes / prayers ahead of Your will.  Please help me to always be thankful with what You have already done, and not focused on what is potentially yet to come.

You continue to allow us to witness Your Work, Your Everyday Miracles, so we can truly see that You are an Ever-Living God.  I pray You please help me finish the book in a way that honors You, and helps others to see You through Your healing of Paul.  Thank You for giving me the opportunity to share it!

In Jesus’ Name,


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