UPDATE:  Paul is finally resting today. I think he went 36 hours with very little sleep.

Thank you all for understanding his need for sleep & quiet today. Praying each day gets better so he can see everyone!!

This has just been very overwhelming for him as he didn’t know why he was in the hospital. He thought we were in a car accident.

  • Kidneys – we had to turn off dialysis. Another clot :(. Good news is that he is stable enough for regular dialysis – likely to start tomorrow. So, while his creatinine is up, he is peeing more and more. That should help!
  • Lungs – he is breathing well without the vent!  Still on nasal canula and doing great!
  • Platelets – back into the normal range – HALLELUJAH!!

New News:

We will likely leave ICU tomorrow for a regular room. That will help him rest more. And, I will be able to stay with him – AMEN TO THAT!!!  

Paul thanks everyone for your support & prayers. Praying for a restful sleep, for a peaceful mind, for his kidneys to kick in and for his muscles to get back to work.

Much love to everyone !! 😘❤️🙏

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