UPDATE:  Today was a very full day!

Paul​ walked Paulie to the bus and then we received a call to go early to dialysis.  We were somewhat looking forward to dialysis today – well, at least getting Paul’s numbers.  And – they are looking better!  Hallelujah!

Paul’s creating was still 8.5, but considering that was before dialysis on Monday, that is a good number.  We were thinking it might be up near 12 as that was what it was on Friday.

All of his other numbers are looking much better.  Sodium, Calcium, Potassium & Phosphorus were all within normal range.  That was good news for me as that means the diet I am feeding him is working and his kidneys are keeping the numbers in a good range.  Praise God!

There are still some numbers out of range – both due to the kidney injury & due to his seasonal allergies.  These are to be expected, but we will keep an eye on them (well, the doctor will keep an eye on them :)).

Paul is continuing to lose weight.  He is down to 211lbs – with shoes on.  The good news is the dietitian is willing to let Paul have some donuts!!  He is looking forward to adding a few lbs back with a trip to Dunkin Donuts!

We are praying for another good day tomorrow.  I am planning on spending the day at Butler (last month, I was at Butler when I received the call to come home and all of this ordeal started).

Thank you all for your prayers & support!  We cannot tell you how much we truly appreciate it!  We are forever grateful!

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