UPDATE:  Phew!  Yesterday was a busy day!

Paul​ had a great day off dialysis!  He was able to spend a good day with his mom and the kids.  He feels so much better on his non-dialysis days.

He was able to run a few errands with his mom and the itty-bittys.  While he hasn’t driven yet, just getting out of the house to go somewhere outside of dialysis is always good for him.

I spent the day with my amazing AWL friends!  I will be adding a separate post in my blog later today about how blessed I am for the amazing women God has placed in my life (Alpha Phi, HBA, WLC, AWL, Zionsville, NW Indiana, Family – and so many more)!

I was able to listen to the end of the Butler game – that was too close for comfort!  We are looking forward to being a house divided tomorrow night when Butler plays ND.  Hoping for a great game and a Butler Bulldogs​ win!  Go DAWGS!!!

We then went to Paulie’s baseball practice. It was the first one outside, so Paul and I were able to walk around the fields while Paulie was practicing.  We stopped to watch him play quite a bit. He is definitely getting better and having a blast!

Paul did step on the scale yesterday morning and was at an all-time low (well at least in our marriage) – 207!  It looks like he’s got that weight loss challenge in the bag!

Today, they are challenging his kidneys to see if they can remove some additional fluid.  While Paul is at his lowest weight, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still some extra fluid needing to be removed.  I am leaving to pick him up soon, so we will see how that went.

We are looking forward to a great evening of basketball and family time!

Thank you all for continuing your prayers & support.  We are ever so grateful for you!

We are continuing our prayers for:

  • Complete healing of kidneys
  • Patience in the process

As Paul and I talk about this journey, we realize this story is truly a story the Power of God, His Grace and His Glory!  We are blessed to be able to share His story through our experiences to show He is a Living & Loving God!  And we are thankful to be “living” proof of His Great Grace!

One new song to share – Hawk Nelson – Drops in the Ocean

Been listening to this song on repeat!

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