UPDATE:  We do have a few updates on Paul​ today.

First here are the numbers:

  • Paul’s creatinine came down from 8.3 last week to 4.9 this week – Praise God!!!  While that is still too high (normal is 0.6 to 1.3 and he was at 1.05 in December), at least we are moving in the right direction!  These are the lowest numbers we have seen since he was on the slow, continuous dialysis at the hospital.  Truly – Praise Him, Praise Him, Praise Him!
  • The numbers relating to his diet (sodium, potassium, phosphorus) are all still in the normal range, but are up a bit from last week (and that was before the cupcakes Paul ate :)).  We will need to keep an eye on his diet to ensure we keep those numbers in the normal range.
  • Weight – He was down to 202?!?!?!?!?  He was up to 203 today (probably due to the aforementioned cupcake eating).  They are still pulling a little fluid during the dialysis to see what Paul’s true “dry weight” is.
  • Strength – Paul walked over 10,000 steps again yesterday!  And, got me motivated to get off of my butt and do the same – thank you!  And thank you to John​ & Julie​ and Larry & Becky​ for the FitBit challenge.  While we will lose the challenge – we will be more active this week than weeks prior!
    • Paul will also go to physical therapy next week for an assessment on what he can do besides walking.  I think that will help him start to feel stronger, too.

We did go back to see his Primary Care doctor yesterday (a different doctor than the one he saw originally with all of this).  We were able to update him on all that has happened these past four weeks.  He will see Paul again in about 7 weeks to follow-up.

We truly cannot thank you for all of your prayers and support!


Our Prayer Requests are:

  •  Full Healing of the Kidneys
  • Patience in this process
  •  Keeping our eyes & focus on all the blessings God has provided (On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand – All Other Ground is Sinking Sand)
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