Amen. Amen. Amen!

Paul is resting comfortably – and this time I truly mean that!!  He finished dinner, took his evening meds – Benadryl & melatonin, and is now drifting off to a good sleep. Amen!

  • Lungs – he still has his nasal cannula. They are weaning him off the oxygen support. While he could probably do it on his own, I like the additional reassurance that it is on.
  • Kidneys – still need prayers here. His creatinine was over 9 yesterday and just down to 8+ this morning.
    • Tomorrow morning’s labs are important. The hope is that they stay the same or go down as he had some urine output by himself (Hallelujah).
    • Everyone believes his kidneys will bounce back – we just don’t know how long that will take.
    • Paul will undergo another 3.5 hour hemodialysis tomorrow with the goal to both clean the blood and to pull off additional fluid.
    • They will not allow anyone else in that room, so please also pray Paul handles that time well. I have been by his side through almost everything since he woke up. We are charging his phone so he will have that with him. Praying for a good experience for him.
  • Strength – Paul had PT today and stood up for the first time – Praise God!!  He is more able to move around in his bed which is also great news!  He is ready to walk to the bathroom; however, his legs truly aren’t ready for that. While his mind says he can, his body says not yet.
  • Spirit – overall, Paul is in pretty good spirits!  He loves reading the posts, texts, etc. While many of them make him a little misty, he truly feels the love, support and prayers you have filled us with throughout this journey.  Thank God for all of you!!
  • Kids-we were able to FaceTime the kids a few times which is good for everyone. We will see when we can bring the kids up. Maybe tomorrow – depending on dialysis & therapy. Need to get those pictures back up on the walls as I took them down from ICU and haven’t replaced them yet :).

Thank you again for joining us on this journey!  Praising our amazing God for another day of progress. Praying for another good day tomorrow. 

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