UPDATE:  Praising God for such a great morning!

Paul was able to get some restful sleep last night without the need for heavy medicine. They gave him a little melatonin and he slept for a few hours – HALLELUJAH!!

He is awake and in great spirits!  While he still has more to do for recovery, we will tackle it together – one step at a time!

He has started to read some texts and messages – I should not have given him his phone.  While there are still some foggy details, overall, he is back with us!

Today will be another big day. He ordered breakfast. And, while disappointed he cannot have cereal yet, he can at least have some oatmeal & milk!!

He will have Occupational & Physical Therapy today. They also pulled his labs so we will see how those look. Praying for continued improvement.

We truly have a loving, amazing, all-powerful God!  He has performed a miracle in waking Paul up and giving him a happy and thankful spirit!  God has special plans for Paul!  I am so very excited to watch those unfold!

More to come later today. Just truly grateful for all of your support & prayers!

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