Another amazing day for Paul!!  Hallelujah!!

  • Lungs – He was able to spend most of the day off of oxygen. They are monitoring him overnight without the oxygen to see how he does – Praise God for healing Paul’s lungs!
  • Central Line – coming out tomorrow. Infectious Disease is very happy with Paul’s progress. And, Paul is happy to have one more line removed from his body – Amen!
  • PT – Paul was able to stand & walk (with a walker). He probably could walk without the walker, but we are taking baby steps. No need to wear him out too soon. He is focused on his recovery and building his strength. Wants to still beat the boys in the weight loss challenge.
  • Kidneys – still needing prayers for healing. His creatinine was over 10 this morning. Paul went back to hemodialysis and did really well. Praying for those kidneys to kick in!  The good news is that Paul is now consistently making urine :).

We cannot thank everyone enough for your prayers & support!  We also learned that some friends have started a GoFundMe site as we know these hospital bills will be pretty pricey. We are truly grateful for those who have already donated. Brought us to tears!  

Will send report in the morning. Thank you all again!  Hope you all have a great night!

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