UPDATE:  So sorry for the delay in the morning report. It has been a busy morning.

First, Paul cannot thank you all enough for your prayers & support. When he woke up around 1am, he started reading the Facebook posts, texts, messages, etc. He is truly overwhelmed by the love you have all shared.

Truly, thank you!

So, sleep was at a minimum last night. Maybe 4 hours, but that is still more than the past few days.  He was able to eat a small breakfast and then was taken down for dialysis.

  • Kidneys – still need prayers there. His creatinine was above 10 this morning. Again, the goal is below 1.5. While he is making urine, the kidneys haven’t started filtering yet. Please pray those kick in.
  • PT/OT – we hope he will have the strength to do one or both today. He wants to be able to sit up in bed and stand to get to a chair. While we see his amazing improvements, he still thinks of himself as the 5 day/week basketball machine that he was before this started. He has made such progress this far!  Praying God provides him with patience and peace.
  • Diet – Paul is also advanced to a regular diet – woohoo!!  He is looking forward to more options in meals. Again, clear & full liquids are better than tube feeds or ice chips which was all he could have over the weekend – but, I can completely understand his desire to eat more.

Will send an update later tonight.

Thanks again for your prayer. And, thanks be to God for his miracles!!   

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