I think these updates will be afternoon & evening as the mornings seem to be full of activity.  Here is today’s update.

Paul is still having trouble sleeping through the night. He is getting some sleep, but he hasn’t had a full night sleep. He has gotten in a few naps here & there.

  • Strength – Paul was working with occupational therapy today. He did such a good job!  He was taking laps around the unit and felt great!  We are hoping PT will also come in and work with him today.
  • Central Line – they were able to pull the central line today – Amen!  One less line to worry about.
  • Kidneys – Creatinine is just below 9. While that is really high, the doctor was pleased with the drop. The question will be what tomorrow’s labs look like. With Paul making urine, we are hoping the increase is minor.
  • Discharge – while Paul feels better, he is still not ready to come home. I know he was hoping to leave tomorrow; however, the doctor confirmed that is not possible. We are hoping maybe sometime next week / weekend. That would still be ~3 weeks.  All considering, 3 weeks is nothing!

With all of that, the three prayer requests are:

  • Kidneys
  • Strength
  • Patience on discharge

We truly feel the love, support & prayers!  I’ve given Paul this mantra:

God’s got this

This setback is temporary 

Our love is forever ❤️

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