UPDATE:  Today was another good day for Paul!

  • Lungs – he is completely on room air – no oxygen needed. 
  • Liver, platelets, white count – all normal.
  • Done with antibiotics & steroids. 
  • Only line left in him is for dialysis. 
  • Rash has completely healed. 

Your specific prayers have been answered. I hope you can feel the power of prayer!  It has worked!  

I received a message from a neighbor who has been praying with his daughter for Paul. When he told her Paul was doing better, she said

“Wow!  I think our prayers worked!”

Yes, they did!  They really did!

Tomorrow – we will see what Paul’s labs look like. He will likely need hemodialysis tomorrow and will not likely be discharged before mid-week next week. This will allow him to get stronger and allow the doctors to watch his kidneys.

As I lay here tonight in the cot next to Paul, I am truly thankful.

  • I am thankful for all of you!
  • And, I am thankful for God’s decision to bring Paul back to us.

Fourteen days ago, we were in the ICU praying for Paul to live. Tonight, I was able to kiss him goodnight.

We have the rest of our lives together and we will be thankful for each and every minute – as we know tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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