UPDATE:  Paul had a really good night and he had great sleep.

  • Kidneys – yesterday morning, his creatinine was 12, so we knew he needed dialysis. The nephrologist wanted him to also have dialysis today as he didn’t want Paul to go 2 days without dialysis. This morning, his creatinine was down to 8!!!  And, his dialysis went very well – they were able to remove another 6 lbs of fluid – AMEN!!!!

Everything else is going well. His strength is improving and so is his spirit. He is looking forward to seeing the kids today. He has FaceTimed with them, but this time, he will actually see them!  Praise God!

We also want to thank everyone for the cards, notes, food, GoFundMe donations & prayers!  We are overwhelmed by your support & generosity!  We are Blessed Beyond Belief!

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