Dearest Friends & Family,

My friend can truly use all the prayer support he can get!  He and his wife just learned that their little two year old son, Parker (who is actually one of a set of triplet boys & has an older sister), was diagnosed with leukemia – ALL.  They found this out over the weekend, and little Parker has already had to have a surgery to insert a port and is starting chemotherapy.

While I can share more of the story, I feel like it’s their story to share and I want to respect that.  So, here is my request.


Please pray any and all prayers you feel compelled to pray – for strength, for love, for patience, for guidance, for support, for understanding, for peace…

Here are some of my prayers:

  • Lord, please guide the doctors to come to the right decision for little Parker
  • I pray the doctors listen to that guidance
  • Lord, please take over the doctors’ hands in taking care of Parker
  • I pray little Parker gets the right care at the right time, and overcomes this quickly
  • I pray once the cancer is gone, there are no relapses
  • I pray Parker’s parents feel Your Arms around them
  • I pray they know You are with them – throughout this entire journey.  You will see them and Parker through this!
  • I pray they feel all of the love, support & prayers from their family, friends, neighbors & others who hear their story
  • I pray they ask for and accept the help that all of us are hoping to provide (whatever that help looks like)
  • I pray for Parker’s sister & brothers  
  • I pray for their health and their peace
  • I pray for Parker’s extended family & friends


Heavenly Father,

I have so many other thoughts and prayers swirling in my heart & head.  Please help all of us to be there for Parker & his family in the way that will best help and support.  

And, Lord, all of the literature says that cancer will take around three years to beat – a long and difficult three years.  Lord, while I believe in the science, I believe in You more!  I know You can make anything happen.  If it be Your will, I pray this – please shorten the time and ease Parker’s journey.  Please cure him and cure him quickly.  




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