Good Morning!  The last day plus has been quite busy – here are some updates:

Yesterday was my last day of work for ~4 weeks. So, as you can imagine, there were many loose ends to tie up. Seriously, I have been prepping for the past few weeks – not sure why yesterday was so much. Just so very thankful for my amazing team leader and team!  They are truly awesome and I know all the work these next few weeks is in great hands!

We are also blessed to have great family & friends!  Everyone was willing to come down to help us & the kids. My parents and one sister are here now – and those who aren’t here are praying, sending notes, food & lots of love. Please know – I truly feel your love, prayers & support.

As for my personal preparation, since this will be done with the DaVinci robot, I needed to prep like I was having a colonoscopy. I was on a liquid diet yesterday and at 4pm, I started drinking this:

blogger-image--1889436850.jpg (360×480) 

Yes, that is 4000ml of pure grossness. So, you can imagine the next several hours :(.

Sleeping last night was rough. Not sure if I slept 3 hours. So very blessed for the numbers of messages, posts & prayers. I was reading each one before bed and found more when I woke up. Please know how much each & every one means!

It is just before 5am. We are on our way to the hospital now. Surgery is scheduled for 7:30am ET this morning. And, surprisingly, with very little sleep – I am feeling ready. God’s got this! 

I’ll post more later today. Just please know how much I Love all of you and feel prepared to take on the next steps in this journey!


Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your many blessings. As always, I am in Your Hands. I pray for cure today. Please give the doctor Your Hands, Your Heart, and Your Knowledge. Please help her find all she is to find so that this will be a short journey of sickness and a long journey of sharing Your message!

I Love You!  ❤️




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