Lately, I have been giving a great deal of thought to my friendships.  Like most people, I have a variety of relationships. These relationships span from:

  • Those I share very little of my personal life or they share very little about theirs
  • Those who I share some, but am very guarded about how much I share
  • Those who listen, but share very little about themselves
  • Those who I share almost everything with, who know my innermost secrets, and I know theirs
  • And, my husband – who I can know say we share absolutely everything with each other!

As I pondered these relationships, I wondered…

What kind of friend am I?

  • Am I available for others?
  • When I am with friends, how much do I talk and how much do I listen?
  • Do I ask about their lives, or do I focus on my own problems?
  • When they have challenges, do I listen to them fully, or do I jump in quickly with advice?
  • Would others consider me a good friend?

So, then I started thinking about my truly great friends.  What makes them really amazing friends?

  • They are always available – day or night – no matter what
  • They listen…until it hurts!  And, as much as I talk, you can imagine how hard that is 🙂
  • They know everything about me.  They can reach back to previous experiences to help me with my current situation
  • There is no judgment – I can make the worst mistakes and they always help me see the way out of it
  • They help me see the greater plan – not just the situation I am in, but how the situation may help me in the future
  • They gently remind me that, while having a pity party today might be what I need, we are all placed on this Earth for a greater purpose

That brought me to my personal relationship with Jesus.  See, even though He is in Heaven, He is also right here with us each and every day.  And, when it comes to great friends, there is no greater friend than Jesus Christ.

  •  He is always there (Joshua 1:9)
  • He listens to everything…said and unsaid (1 John 5:14-15)
  • He knows everything about me.  He knit me in my mother’s womb (Ps 139:13), and have been with me ever since
  • He has forgiven all of my confessed sins (Eph 2:8-9)
  • He has placed me on this Earth for a specific purpose (Jer 29:11)
  • And, during the most difficult of circumstances, He helps me to see the greater picture and provides me His peace beyond understanding (Phil 4:6-7)

When I was in the hospital with Paul, I remember feeling so very close to Jesus.  I truly felt like I was sitting in His lap, wrapped up in His arms, and hearing His voice whispering in my ear…It will all be okay!

Why haven’t I felt that lately?

Sadly, the reason is that I haven’t been a great friend lately.  I have allowed the busyness of my day get in the way of nourishing my relationship with Jesus.  There is so very much going on, and I have filled each day with so many things that truly don’t matter.  What I truly need is to spend quiet time with Jesus.

There is a great song by Johnny Diaz, titled Breathe, that helps to describe the feeling I get during the day.  The pressure, the piling on of important tasks, the feeling of being overwhelmed, and then Jesus reminding us to Just Breathe:  Video Link

So, how I can I a better friend to Jesus?  He has already done more than His part!  Now, it is up to me…

Heavenly Father,

I come to You in Thanksgiving!  I thank You for all You have already done, and all You continue to do.  You have blessed our family with so very much, and You have helped me to see so many of them.  I know I have missed some of Your blessings, and I pray You help me to see them all.

Father, I am sorry that I have not been a great friend to You.  You have always been and continue to be an amazing friend.  You are always here for me.  You listen to everything I say (and to the thoughts in my head).  You help me to see beyond the current situation, to the possibilities for the future that You created (Jer 29:11).  

During my brightest times, I pray I always remember to thank You for Your blessings.  During my darkest times, I pray I always remember to thank You for Your guidance and Your peace beyond understanding.  

Father, please help me remember what is most important in life – my relationship with You!  Please help me put all other things into perspective, and not allow those things to get in the way of my dedication to our relationship.  Please help me be still (Ps 46:10) so I can hear your still small voice (1 Kings 19:12).  Help me to remember Your words:

Romans 12_2

Heavenly Father, I love You!  I thank You!  I praise You!  I will do my part to enhance our friendship, including my daily renewing of my mind through reading Your words and listening to Your plans.  This will help me discern Your will for my life, what is good and acceptable and perfect (Rom 12:2).

In Jesus’ Holy Name,




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