I am so very thankful for so many people who help make my last few years at Pfizer awesome!

Tom Clark – Thank you for being a great leader!  You taught me how to think about the big picture.  You also gave me the confidence to take (calculated) risks and trust myself.  I would not be the leader I am today without you!

Kelli Duprey – Thank you for your trust and belief in me!  You helped me to find my confidence and my strength.  You introduced me to Rayona and the Women Leading Change program.  You have such great gifts, and I truly appreciate your sharing those with me.

Matt Pitzel – Thank you for your willingness to take me under your wing when I was going through transition.  Thank you for trusting me to help bring your vision to life.  Thank you for listening when I needed a friend, and for helping me see when I needed to “suck it up” and move on.

Matt Portch – Thank you for your faith in my abilities to join the Commercial Effectiveness team, and to lead the Investing In You project.  Thank you for guiding and supporting my project and my career.  Thank you for supporting me, and providing me tough feedback.  Thank you for all your support through both my and Paul’s trials.  I could not imagine a better leader throughout that journey.

Brennan Burns – While we knew each other much longer than my last 6 years at Pfizer, this is when we became friends.  Through so many of our conversations, I learned so much from you and your experiences, and you humored me when I shared mine.  I am forever thankful for our continued friendship.

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