Let’s just start by thanking Dick Fetter & Dan McQuiston again for their help in my getting my first job with Pfizer.

I am thankful to Daren Sink & Bruce Fleischmann for taking a chance on a young 22 year old, right out of college, with little experience and lots of energy!  Words cannot express my deepest gratitude as I could always see your faith and belief in me!  Please know I always give you credit for taking that chance on me and I still want to make you proud of that decision.

I am thankful for Clark Mohar & Kevin Malone for your willingness to take a chance on a still very young 24 year old with lots of energy!   It was during those years that I started to transition others belief in me into a faith in myself.

  • Kevin – you also helped me to understand the importance of separating the person from the title.  That has helped me a great deal through the years!

I am thankful for Dennis Green & Jake Friedman for your willingness to take a chance on a very nervous 26 year old.

  • Dennis – That was truly a pivotal time in my career as that started my passion for training & development.  I was also able to truly connect with the many new faces of Pfizer.  I will forever be grateful for that opportunity.  You encouraged me to take on new opportunities, and supported me through the successes and the challenges.
  • Jake – I thank you for teaching me the importance of having a sponsor (even if you don’t know you have one).  You also had such a positive impact on me with your desire to connect with each person, individually.  I have made many great friends throughout the years trying to follow in your footsteps – and will forever be grateful to you for that example!

I am thankful for our Directors of Leadership Development – Michelle Gile, Jenner Marcucci & Mike Edge!   What I have come to realize is how important the skills you taught us are – and how many people did not have the fortune of working with great trainers like yourselves to gain those skills!  I am a better leader today because of the trainings and the coaching you provided!

I am also thankful for the many people I worked with during these years!  While there are too many to mention by name, please know how grateful I am for your friendship!

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