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I am a blessed wife & mother of three children here on Earth and two in Heaven.  The title of this blog, God’s Fertile Ground, was chosen because we first struggled with infertility before we struggled with miscarriages.  It was after our second miscarriage when I felt quite lost.  While I knew God was always with me, I truly wanted an answer – were we to have any more children.  And, I knew that answer was only up to God.

In order to more clearly see how God was working in my everyday life, I decided to look back to see how God had worked in the past.  While I didn’t notice it at the time, in retrospect, I could so clearly see how God had placed something in my life to help me move closer to His plan for me.  As I saw the way He showed up in the past, I was able to more clearly see where and how He was showing up in the present.

This has proven so very helpful through several trials we have already gone through in our lives.  And, I am certain it will help us in the future.

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