Mike & Ryan – I hope you know that we love you both and we are so very thankful for you!

It is crazy how connected our families are – outside of being married to Musziks!  Just think, if my family didn’t move to Indiana, we would have gone to high school together.  And then to learn that our parents knew each other (worked together, went to school together, was your mom’s baby-sitter), we were meant to be family.

I thank you both for accepting us into your family.  Thank you for being wonderful husbands & fathers (Ryan, while I know it is father-to-be in December, we can already see how great of a dad you will be by the way you show your love to your nieces & nephews.  Your little one is in great hands!)  Thank you for the wonderful memories from holidays and vacations.  Thank you for being wonderful brothers & friends to us, and uncles & godparents to our children.

I hope you know how proud we are of each of you!  Starting your own business isn’t easy.  It takes a lot of work and we know you both are going to be successful!  Congratulations on opening your offices!

That said, if anyone in the Indiana / Illinois area is looking for:

  • Financial Planning / Advice – please reach out to Mike Kopec (Michigan City, IN) click here
  • Insurance – please reach out to Ryan Spangler (St. John, IN) click here

Mike & Ryan – I hope you know how much we love you and are so grateful for you!

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