Paulie – Our biggest, bestest bubs – I hope you know how thankful I am for you (how thankful we all are for you)!

Your Dad & I prayed, and prayed, and prayed to God that we would be blessed with children.  We prayed for over two years for God to bless us with a baby.  We didn’t quite know why it was so difficult for us to have a baby…until we met you.

On the day you were born, we knew why God needed us to wait – because you hadn’t been created yet.  And, you were the child God had specifically chosen to be our first born.  He made you specifically for our family.  As you have gotten older, I continue to see why we needed to wait for you.  And, I am so very grateful God made us wait!

You are the perfect first born.  You are patient and kind.  You love to learn and you love to teach.  You are willing to share. You know right from wrong and like to do the right things.  You have a wonderful sense of humor!  I am so very proud of the person you are – not for what you do – but the person you are.

I know being the oldest child comes with its challenges.  I love it that you think being the oldest child is “kind of like being a single parent.” 🙂  While there is a significant difference, I think it’s cute that you think that at almost 7 years old.  And, I am sorry to say that it will likely get tougher as you get older.

Remember this – God made you the first born for a reason.  God has very special plans for you.  He is helping you to learn and grow.  He is having you teach and share.  He made you special.  And, I am so very excited to see what His plans are for you!

Paulie – I hope you know how very proud we are of you!  We are blessed to be your parents!  We love you and we are so very thankful God gave you to us!

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