UPDATE:  Praising God!!!  Thank you for all of you who lifted up the prayers for a great nurse!  Kesha is truly amazing!  In 90 minutes, here is what she was able to accomplish:

  • Bath him
  • Get him comfortable
  • Get the ventilator back down to 55 Oxygen / 5 PEEP
  • Get the dialysis machine back on – pulling even.  She will work on pulling the 50 throughout the night depending on his pressure (right now looks good)
  • He peed – YEAH!!!  This is great news!
  • He pooped

She was also so very confident!  She saw him the day he arrived and has seen his progress.  I hugged her…twice!  I told her that we were all praying for a great nurse and we got even better!

Thank you all for praying and Praise God for answering!

Praying all is good, we all get a good night sleep, Paul continues to improve, and I can send update with numbers in the morning.

And, please know how much your comments, notes, texts, e-mails mean to all of us!  While I cannot answer them all, please know I do read them all.  The only way we are staying strong is by the grace of God and the energy from all of you!  Truly – thank you!

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