UPDATE:  Paul had another good night!

  • BP: his BP is 112/75 and holding on its own – all pressers are off!!  Praise God!
  • Kidneys:  Creatinine down to 4.5. Still no urine. They will start pulling 50mL/hr. If he tolerates that, they will go up to 100mL/hr.  Praise God!
  • Liver:  still elevated but improving.
  • Lungs:  the pulmonologist hasn’t been in yet. We believe he will start dropping the PEEP down and then the oxygen. They kept that stable last night as they worked on the BP.
  • Skin: his rashes seem to be improving. I did read he may slough off a lot of skin – even in places where the rash wasn’t. Something to watch for.

Things to watch:

  • Platelets:  his platelets continue to go down slowly. They are down to 31. They really should be above 150. Please pray that Paul’s platelet count increases and he has no active bleeds while they are rising!

Paul:  I still haven’t seen his eyes. I have seen him “wake up” and he is very agitated. I would be too with all of these lines, machines, and especially the tubes in his nose & mouth. That said, I know he is in there & he is coming back to us!

Please continue your prayers!  Today, we need platelets to rise, no active bleeds, and Paul to tolerate the dialysis pull to help his kidneys turn back on. 

God is moving mountains and you are all helping!  We cannot thank you enough!!

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