UPDATE:  Paul had a fairly restful night. He awoke on his own about an hour ago without stimulation and needed more meds.

  • Kidneys: Creatinine went up a little 4.3 from 4.22. That is the wrong direction. Please pray for his kidneys!
  • Lungs:  he has been stable on 40 oxygen / 5 PEEP.  Hoping to drop that down today to possibly think about removing vent on Friday.
  • Platelets – 91 – Praise God!!!!  Still a little low, but nearly triple where they were when they bottomed out.
  • White Count – still elevated, but lower than yesterday – Hallelujah!

I will sit with him until 7 to see if any of the attending a come through and determine goals for today.

If there is one specific prayer for today – it’s for his kidneys. Please pray they kick back in and start working. They are very resilient organs, so this is possible. Just praying God makes it happen.

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