Praising our Glorious God for such a great night / morning!

  • Lungs: they had Paul try a breathing challenge – turned vent off – and he passed with flying colors!!!  They are rounding soon and we will see when we can get that out – maybe today, maybe tomorrow.
    • Keep praying!  It’s working! 
  • Kidneys: he peed!!  Just a little bit. 50mL, but he peed!!  His creatinine is down to 4.
    • Keep praying for pee!
  • Paul: he is more awake. Still not fully aware. He does remember some things between naps. He gave me the “i love you” sign with his hands. We are trying to help him talk / write. He’s still on too many meds to allow that to work.
  • Platelets: are up to 140!!!  150 is lower limit of normal so we are almost there!!!  

Will post more later.

Please keep praying!!  We have a Magnificent God who is working miracles!!  


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