We received the labs back. The creatinine & BUN are pretty stable from the early morning labs, which is good.

That said, the potassium is higher than they like and they want to do a quick dialysis run to help correct that. So, while Paul needs dialysis, it’s only a 2 hour run.

The other news is that his hemoglobin & iron are both low. So, he is getting an Procrit shot every day and is now on an IV iron drip (that was a bit disappointing as he hasn’t had an IV in for a few days).

We know that God is amazing and He continues to work miracles in Paul. As we are nearing 3 weeks in the hospital, there are low moments. We are looking for answers where there aren’t any. And, while we can see the positives, sometimes the seemingly negatives or setbacks hit harder than they should. We know this is normal. We know we are so close to full recovery. And, we know that God is always with us.  

Thank you for your prayers & support. We feel we are so close to the end of this “pothole” in our journey together.  We just pray God fills it in soon 🙏😘❤️

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